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Hi, I’m Holly.
I work with individual educators who struggle with classroom management, professional burnout and/or creating amazing classroom experiences; and schools that want to improve their climate and culture through a focus on relational teaching, positive guidance and reflective teaching practices.

Helping people to feel lit up about teaching and education makes me so proud and drives everything I do.  I'm also a passionate advocate for social justice in schools and in the world.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your teaching or your school, or just want to get your passion for teaching reignited, you're in the right place!

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ABCs of Responding to Challenging Behavior

Need help with addressing challenging behavior in your classroom? This free mini-training can get you started with diagnosing challenging behavior and making a plan to respond to it effectively.

Classroom Management Toolkit

This comprehensive classroom management toolkit is designed to help you streamline your classroom management strategies and establish a positive and productive learning environment. 

Educator's Guide to Culturally Responsive Teaching

Get your free 28-page guide to culturally responsive teaching. Includes tips and strategies, case studies, a discussion guide, and recommended reading. Everything you need to get started today!

AI Integration Starter Kit

This AI Integration Starter Kit serves as a valuable resource for teachers, offering you the information, tools, and guidance you need to begin your journey into AI-enhanced teaching.

Stump the Slump 5-Day Challenge

Struggling with stress?  In a slump?  Need some inspiration to re-energize you for the rest of the year?

Sign up for the Stump the Slump Challenge and get 5 days of inspiring actions to take.  You'll learn a fresh way to respond to school stress and feel totally energized as you rock your way through the challenge!

You can do this.  And with a price tag of zero dollars...yeah.  You can afford it.  ;)

I've Observed, Now What?

Take the next step to use observation to inform your program planning. Develop strategies to use authentic assessment to individualize curriculum without taking your time away from the children. Learn how to use assessment in developing your program to meet the needs of each individual and the group.

I've Observed, Now What? Out of the Box Group Workshop

Take the next step to use observation to inform your program planning. Develop strategies to use authentic assessment to individualize curriculum without taking your time away from the children. Learn how to use assessment in developing your program to meet the needs of each individual and the group. This is a downloadable group workshop suitable for staff trainings.

The Nuts and Bolts of Training Adults

Why is having a strong understanding of how adults learn so important for trainers? Just as we want to be respected for our current knowledge and ways of using new information, we want to honor the participants who choose to work with us. When we demonstrate our understanding of each participant's preferred learning styles, take care of their basic needs in the training environment, and use a variety of activities, experiences and training methods, we give participants the message that we respect them and connect with them. When we meet adults where they are, and expand their learning to assist them in applying their new knowledge to their own lives, we cement their learning.

This course bundle includes seven 3-hour training modules on the foundational principles of adult learning. The modules include:

  • The Intentional Learning Environment
  • Meeting Diverse Learning Styles
  • Content that Works
  • Instructional Methods
  • Curriculum that Flows
  • Measuring Effectiveness
  • Handling Challenging Participants

The Intentional Learning Environment

Examine the major needs of adult learners and how to create a learning environment that supports those needs. Explore physical environment considerations for planning and delivering training, building community and trust, and choosing technology tools that support your training goals.

Meeting Diverse Learning Styles

Examine the major theories about adult learning styles, including generational differences, so you can effectively train any audience. Explore approaches to meet diverse learning styles, and tools to promote adult learning in both face-to-face training and online or distance learning. Develop strategies to meet the assess and then meet the needs of your audience.

Content That Works

Examine major models of effective curriculum development, and then apply principles of curriculum development to your own training to develop content that works for you and your participants. Explore strategies and approaches to assist you in meeting the needs of learners as well as determining and meeting your goals and objectives for your training.

Instructional Methods

Examine major methods of instruction and how they can be effectively used in both face-to-face training and distance learning. Explore how each type of instructional activity promotes adult learning, and develop an action plan to incorporate diverse instructional methods into your own training to keep participants engaged and enjoying the experience.

Curriculum That Flows

Create curriculum that flows naturally and takes participants through a progression of learning. Examine major principles and models of curriculum development, and apply these principles to your own training. Explore approaches such as Bloom's Taxonomy and the Experiential Learning Cycle to promote adult learning and develop an action plan to use these tools in your trainings.

Measuring Effectiveness

A critical component of training adults is measuring the effectiveness of your training and the learning happening. Examine major principles and theories on assessing learning and measuring training effectiveness in order to promote adult learning. Develop an action plan to measure the effectiveness of your trainings and assess the learning that is happening.

Handling Challenging Participants

Explore strategies to respond to challenging participants and common issues in training. Add tricks to your toolbox to work with the wallflower, the skeptic, the discussion dominator and more. Explore creative solutions to keep the session moving toward the outcomes while respecting emergent needs and develop plans to minimize challenges in advance.

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